Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Dear N.C. State Fair,

The season of my love is finally here, although the fond memories never left. October brings you back to the Raleigh fairgrounds, where my heart and stomach can once again be filled with your guilty pleasures for eleven whole days. This year I want to make it official and declare my deep fried love to you.

Oh fair one, the mere thought of you awakens my senses. The sweet scent of your funnel cakes and roasted corn waft through my mind, igniting my appetite for you; and even when you smell like a farm animal, my love remains. Your screams echo from the rides in the sky, reminding me of the thrills you bring to townno number of tickets could put a price on my love for you. At night you light up my eyes with your colorful fireworks display, shining down on the sea of people who travel near and far to be with you.
(Last year, one of us even had a wedding photo shoot at the fairgrounds!)
If food is the way to a person’s heart, then I must be love sick (or is that a sugar high?). Your inventive menu of fried delights fills cravings I never knew I had, arousing my taste buds and leaving me more satisfied with each bite. At every turn your tasty temptations taunt me, making me want to get my hands on your turkey legs and take a bite out of your country ham biscuits. You are the candy apple of my eye, and I could just eat you up.
Like a pig race you run through my mind, and every fall I put all my money on you. I'd spend my last dime to win you a giant stuffed gorilla at the ring toss and a Thanksgiving bird at the turkey shoot. When I'm out of money I'll stand in line to get your free hush puppies and samples of the state's best products.
N.C. State Fair, you complete me (and my daily calorie allowance). Year after year, it keeps getting better and I want to grow old and fat with you. Last year I introduced you to my closest family and friends and they’ve given us their blessings. This year I hope you will honor my love letter to you and accept me as the ambassador to your deep fried ways.

P.S. Why would we make great ambassadors? Because we have the passion, the appetite and the experience to showcase the state fair in all of its glory. It would be an honor to have this opportunity to cover the fair (and our home state of N.C.) with a sense of humor, curiosity and pride.
We know the fair is about more than foodit's a showcase of the state's culture, commerce, tradition, and spirit. GWG is ready, and more than willing, to share new and familiar experiences with those who will visit the fair for the first time as well as the regulars.

We look forward to the new memories this year's fair will bring as well as the renewed sense of love we feel with each visit.

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