About Us

Blog Beginnings

Working together in Downtown Durham, we found ourselves exploring the city through its amazing food scene. We quickly realized that we are surrounded on all sides by the types of food for which the word ‘craving’ was coined. In order to share our culinary experiences and to justify our increasing waistlines and shrinking wallets, we decided to launch the blog in January 2010.

As two girls unafraid of spice or second helpings, we like to think of our healthy appetites as a source of pride and entertainment—we’ve got to eat, so why not eat well.

The journey from concept to launch took many twists and turns, and we’ve enjoyed the chance to create something that represents our own vision and point of view. We hope the blog is both entertaining and informative and we hope it encourages “girls with guts” everywhere to enjoy eating.

About the Girls

Growing up in a small town gave me an appreciation for mom’s home cooking. However, moving to the big city and traveling the world has given me an appreciation for trying new things and a love of most foods. The GWG blog has given me the outlet to try new foods and enjoy crazy food challenges while serving a purpose.

Food Weakness: Ice cream and homemade baked goods.

Durham Food Fix: Pimento Cheese Sandwich from Parker & Otis and Locopops

Preferred way to Burn off the Gut: Pilates and Zumba

Benefits from GWG Blog: Thinking more in depth about what I eat and sharing my favorite things with anyone who will listen.

Out of State Favorite: Peanut Ice, Beijing, China
Favorite Cuisine: Chinese

Not My Taste: Mayonnaise and Pickles

Favorite Fried Food: Okra

I’m not a world traveler, but I’ve found that one of the best ways to discover new people and places is through food. Eating makes a great shared experience and I love that the South embraces the social spirit of dining. One of my favorite memories in Durham was a cookout on my co-worker’s front porch that drew in a collection of characters from her neighborhood–by the end of the night it felt like we were all old friends.

Food Weakness: Bojangles’

Durham Food Fix: Pimento Cheese Burger w/jalapenos from Bull McCabe's

Preferred way to Burn off the Gut: swimming, biking

Benefits from GWG Blog: meeting new people; staying informed about Durham

Out of State Favorite: Colorado cuisine at the Craftwood Inn (Manitou Springs, CO) featuring local game meats such as Buffalo, Antelope, Wild Boar, Elk and Pheasant

Favorite Cuisine: Southern Home Cookin’

Not My Taste: raw onions

Favorite Fried Food: can’t pick one – pickles, okra, mushrooms