Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When Only a Burger Will Do

When you can’t wait for the burger to come to you, go to Only Burger’s storefront location for the same great food available seven days a week. Being that GWG are fans of the burger via truck, we wanted to check out the new location and were easily sucked in by a tasty tweet about the daily specials.

Located in the corner of the Hope Valley Square shopping center, the Only Burger restaurant is painted in bright colors that mirror the friendly personality of the logo. Their fan base has obviously followed to the new location as we watched a steady flow of people treat themselves to burger and fries. Seating is a little tight during rush hour but it created the type of atmosphere where you might share a table with a stranger and end up with a new friend.
As mentioned, we were there to try the specials of the day—pimento cheese and fried green tomato sliders, a Greek pita burger and fresh onion rings on the side. The pimento cheese/fried green tomato burger is something we’ve seen before, but Only Burger got it just right. These mini sliders had the perfect proportion of cheese, meat and veggie so you could enjoy all the flavors with each bite—we’d love to try this in full size, but also liked being able to order based on your appetite (1 for a snack, 3 or 4 for a meal).
The Greek pita burger was another tasty alternative, made with lamb meat and topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, feta cheese, and something like a tzatziki sauce. For us the pimento sliders came out on top but we like the creative options. The onion rings were also a nice addition to complete the meal—the breading was light and crisp with a hint of pepper. All said, we think the restaurant is a great extension of the business—although we will always be food truck chasers at heart.

Only Burger’s brick and mortar location is part of the rebirth of the Hope Valley Square shopping center. The shopping center’s recent makeover offers a lovely exterior with outdoor seating and a variety of businesses. Local favorite, Rick’s Diner, recently completed a move to the area, Tutti Frutti will be serving up fro-yo next to Only Burger, and Charleston’s Bull Street Gourmet & Market is reported to be opening as well. Next time you’re looking to mail something, do it over lunch and take advantage of everything Hope Valley Square has to offer.

P.S. As if we didn’t have enough reason, the recent N&O report that milkshakes will soon be offered at Only Burger has us planning our next visit.


  1. I can't wait to try this place! I've been in the Triangle for 3 years, and still have tried Only Burger. Now that they have a set location, I have no excuses! Thank you for the post :)

  2. Apiciusapprentice, Glad this blog post is motivational! Let us know how you like it once you've tried it. :)

  3. When I went there, my burger was still red in the middle and they screwed up the order. Not to mention the buns they use end up coated in grease and fall apart easily. I think that place sucks.

  4. Jonathan, Sorry you had a bad experience. I guess its not for everyone. Thanks for reading the blog though!