Friday, June 3, 2011

Guilty Pleasure at Geer Street Garden

Recently the GWG braved the heat to hang out (and pig out) on the patio of Geer Street Garden. Located on the corner of Foster and Geer Streets, this repurposed gas station maintains its original charm while offering Durham’s newest setting for a cold brew and a bite of southern comfort.
Lured in by “The Pile,” a mound of calories lathered in more calories, the GWG’s decision was only confirmed when we were told the dish is not very upscale. We’ve never been about fancy food—just good (and usually greasy) food.

Listed as an appetizer, “The Pile” is a basically a southern version of cheese fries. Loaded with fried chicken, bacon, jalapenos, melted cheese and gravy, the dish comes with your choice of two additional sauces. We chose the srirachanaise and spicy mustardayonaise, flavors that stood out in the heap.
Bottom line is this dish makes a great guilty pleasure that goes down well with beer. The fries were fresh and well seasoned making a nice bed for the layers of meat and cheese, while the combination of the four sauces pulled everything together. We had to leave a few fries on the plate but it was only because we were stuffed to satisfaction.

The Geer Street menu offers a nice survey of Southern staples without trying to do too much—deviled eggs, fried chicken, pimento cheese, banana pudding and a large variety of sauces to lather over everything.

Recently they’ve made additions to finish off the patio space including a trellis and umbrellas that add shade and a soft touch to the concrete space. (We suggest adding a misting system and this will be a favorite spot for the summer).
Between the two of us we’ve also had the burger and the grilled pimento cheese and feel safe to say there is a new competitor on the block.


  1. the burger competition heats up...this is going to be an interesting summer

  2. You're right about that! Thanks for reading, we appreciate it. :)