Friday, March 25, 2011

In Full Bloom...

Spring has a way of refreshing things, allowing you to see them in a new light. The recent touch of color and warmth brought GWG out and about to fall in love with Durham just a little harder. Heading to lunch, we couldn’t miss the gorgeous and vibrant purple trees lining Morgan Street, and it was enough to make us smile and momentarily forget the hustle.
It’s been a big week for us, so we headed over to Dain’s Place for a classic GWG meal that would be sure to hit the spot. A great burger and the Ring of Fire went well with a conversation between friends and co-workers. We had a couple things to discuss—a new job for one, a new home for the other, and then where to go from here.
The good news is we are both staying in Durham and we are still planning to blog—it just might take a little more teamwork and coordination. We’d like to keep the healthy focus we established at the beginning of the year but have decided to do that through exercise, allowing ourselves to enjoy the less healthy options that inspired our blog (turns out we aren’t great at self-denial). We’d also like to touch on places outside of Durham, as Carrboro, Chapel Hill and Raleigh have a lot to serve up as well.
We guess you’d say that like these lovely new buds sprouting across Durham, we too are blooming into a new perspective and a new chapter in our lives.


  1. Hope you try out the Bull City Burger...I just returned from their grand opening, Thumbs up

    Great Burgers with less fat

  2. Fritz, We would really like to get over there. Sounds like a good idea for this week's post! :) Thanks for reading.