Saturday, February 12, 2011

Big Game Menu Recap

Planning and executing a menu during the Super Bowl is time consuming. Although the recipes were simple to do, serving them hot required lots of time in the kitchen—thank goodness for open floor plans and big screen TVs.
Party-goers were polled following the game and no recipe was a clear favorite but everyone agreed overall that the menu was tasty and filling, but it didn’t leave anyone feeling as though they’d over eaten. Mission accomplished, now for some notes.
The sweet ‘n’ spicy snack mix wasn’t terribly popular the night of the game (guests opted for chips and salsa), but the leftovers were a nice snack at work.

The blooming onion had great flavor but lacked the crunchy coating that makes the fried ones so mouth-watering good. The onion was voted as a favorite by one guest and this recipe will make more appearances in the future.
The healthy cheese dip was the most disappointing recipe of the night. This is no surprise though, how do you top good, fatty, cheese dip. Mixed with the salsa, the cheese dip added a nice creaminess but alone it was bland.
Easy to make, the potluck sloppy joes were a crowd pleaser. Making enough to feed the guys, this recipe was easy, used typical household items, and had a surprisingly sweet flavor. Great for kids and big groups.

Finally, the baked bananas were a warm, gooey, delicious way to end the evening. Eaten fresh from the oven in the fourth quarter, this recipe is recommend to anyone looking for a guilt-free dessert.

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