Friday, January 14, 2011

Healthy Habits 2011

It’s hard to believe Girls with Guts celebrates its first birthday this month--we had a great year stuffing ourselves to maximum capacity, meeting fellow foodies and exploring Durham (and the surrounding area) via many of its great restaurants.

With one year under our tightening belts, we thought it might be time to loosen them a bit and decided on a new challenge for the new year. In other words, a healthier (gasp!) approach to the blog.

2011 will bring more restaurant write-ups--however, instead of eating the largest or most calorie-laden item on the menu, we’d like to find something satisfying AND healthy. We still want to enjoy the restaurants we’ve come to love and crave, but in a way that won’t require a marathon to burn off. We also hope to find substitutes or modifications for some of those food temptations that we all fight.

In addition, GWG will seek out new physical challenges to mix up the workout routines we’ve already established. We plan to share highlights from our exercise exploits to encourage others to earn their calories, an aspect of our lives we haven’t touched on before.

We are both food-lovers to the highest degree and have always embraced that proudly. This is not an attempt to suppress our inner foodie, but to move forward with more control and moderation. Some people may not consider this to be a challenge in the same sense, but we believe it will prove much harder than our first year of open ended gluttony.

We hope that our readers will follow along for this next chapter of Girls with Guts.


  1. Good luck with your new approach...looking forward to reading your suggestions.

  2. Fritz, Thanks for the encouragement!